Master the Google AdWords Networks

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Whether you’re just getting started with Google AdWords, or you’re a seasoned veteran,
regular review and optimization of your ad campaigns is important to ensure you’re getting
the most website traffic and highest-quality leads for your budget. Monitoring your ad reports helps you identify key factors that can impact your performance.

One such factor is Google’s Display Network. Many agents don’t realize that Google distributes your ads in two different ways: via the Search Network, which includes the Google search engine and partner websites, and via the Display Network, which presents ads on blogs, merchant sites, and any other sites that subscribe to it. Search ads are presented in response to search terms entered by the user, while Display ads are essentially the same as banner ads, presented at random. And due to its much larger size, most ads generate far more impressions on the Display Network.

Display ads can sometimes be effective, but it’s clear that that Search ads usually drive more and higher-quality traffic to your website. In today’s AgentSecrets video event, we look at this important difference, and show you how to fine-tune your campaign settings to generate more ad impressions on the Search network. If you’ve been less than satisfied with your AdWords performance, this actionable content could give you the boost you’re looking for.

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Maximize Your ROI with Google Pay-Per-Click

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One topic we’ve received a majority of questions about is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and the best ways to achieve the maximum ROI from services like Google AdWords. As PPC becomes more competitive among real estate agents, the need for optimized bidding, carefully-selected keywords, and strategic campaign management continues to increase.

In this installment, you’ll eavesdrop on an actual Google AdWords consultation call between me and SuccessWebsite® member Keri Shull.

The call provides a valuable real-world insight into Keri’s business, and how she keeps new leads coming down the pipeline to feed her growing team of agents. Even better, you’ll see how her website integrates with her AdWords campaign to convert her ad traffic into leads – valuable information that’s often missing from other PPC educational resources.

What do you think about Pay-Per-Click? Do you have any ideas, tips or success stories to share? Please add your feedback and questions to the comments below!

Are you making a CRITICAL mistake in your Lead Conversion?

The process of turning prospects into new clients isn’t complicated, but it can definitely be tricky. Sometimes agents focus all their attention on generating leads, and while this is of course important, it means that following-up with those leads gets treated as an afterthought.

This is a critical mistake in lead conversion. Without a follow-up strategy in place, leads can go stale, fall through the cracks, or worse – you could actually be driving them away.

Since every lead is a possible source of new business, it seems obvious that we should contact and qualify every single one, yet many agents struggle with this concept. They try to “cherry-pick” leads, only calling those that look best on paper. Or they procrastinate, delaying or putting off calling while the leads quickly cool off. And some hide behind email-only follow-up, hoping that a message in the lead’s inbox will prompt them to call.

The reasons why agents do these things are many and complex – that first direct contact with a lead is something that digs deep into people’s psychology. Perhaps it’s a fear of rejection, something burned into agents during long nights of cold-calling.  For others, it might be a lack of confidence or skill in the phone call. I’ve heard different reasons from all kinds of agents.  But with even a little extra thought and preparation put into the follow-up process, lead conversion
(and profits) can be dramatically improved.

This week, we launched the latest in our AgentSecrets Video Series, this time on the topic of building a follow-up strategy. In this series, we’ll explore the how to make every lead  count and some of the best strategies that we know are working well for our clients.

Don’t let poor follow-up be one of those “silent killers” that holds your business back!