Canary Project Team

William L. Hunter, MD, MSC

Chief Executive Officer

  • Inventor with over 200 patents and patent applications, involved in the discovery and development of the TAXUS® Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent, the Zilver PTX Peripheral Drug-Eluting Stent, and the Quill barbed wound closure device; used in over 40 million patients and recorded revenues of over $25 billion

Jeff Gross, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

  • Former SVP R&D/CTO CareFusion, SVP R&D Angiotech, and executive R&D roles at Medtronic,
  • 30 years medical device R&D, Commercialization, and M&A experience with over 40 patents & patents pending

Fred D. Cushner, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chief Medical Officer

  • 20 years experience Orthopedic Marketing/Consulting/ Product Development, Knee Society Member
  • Author of Numerous Orthopedic Textbooks/ Peer Reviewed Research Papers, Established Orthopedic Educator both national and international, Former Director ISK Institute, Design Surgeon Journey 2 prosthesis

Michael Raynor, PhD

Chief Strategy Officer

  • Consultant on the topics of innovation & strategy, worked with leading companies from around the world and published four books and hundreds of articles, including “The Innovator’s Solution” with Clayton Christensen.

David D. McMasters, JD

Intellectual Property & General Counsel

  • Over 30 years experience as a practicing intellectual property law attorney, and over 17 years experience as General Counsel for publicly traded dual-listed NASDAQ / TSX companies

Joe Cucolo

President Orthopaedics

  • Zimmer President of the Americas and responsible for the largest orthopedic acquisition in US history worth 19B.
  • 30+ years of orthopedic executive management, medical devices and sales expertise.

Canary Scientific Advisors

Joshua Smyth, PhD

The Pennsylvania State University

  • Leading world expert on ambulatory methods to assess subjective experience & physiology, use of ambulatory interventions.
  • President of the International Society for Ambulatory Assessment
  • Author of + 200 scientific articles

Darrin Lehman, PhD

University of British Columbia

  • Leading world expert in health psychology (e.g. coping with stressful life experiences)
  • Over 18,000 citations to his research

Canary Consultants

  • Developer of IoT Big Data solutions via software as a service

Susan Alpert, MD, PhD

  • Former head of RA at Medtronic
  • Former FDA CDER Branch Division Chief